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Soaking in Silica

Soaking in Silica

Four cities, three countries and a four-day road trip through southern Iceland later, I found myself soaking in geothermal waters filled with silica mud at the most beautiful lagoon in Iceland. There are so many reasons why everyone should have this place on their bucket list; it certainly was on mine after seeing a photo of it for the first time.  However, I'll give you three reasons why this should be your last stop in Iceland. 

1. Anticipation

The infamous Blue Lagoon is something we all dream of seeing in Iceland. It's a top destination for the country, and one of the 25 Wonders of the World. The phenomena of healing waters and the luxurious scenery are something I wouldn't pass up. My reason number one to patiently wait for this experience is the many other awesome spots to see while visiting the Land of Fire and Ice. I learned so much over the journey of my Icelandic road trip. The history of this country and my experiences along the way further fueled my anticipation of actually visiting the most sought-after place on the island.


2. Stay On Property

Like most people visiting Iceland, I planned my entire adventure around the Blue Lagoon. What you may not know is that you have to book your lagoon visit in advance. Flight schedules can make this tricky. I was able to slip Iceland into my two-week trip thanks to the Iceland Air stopover deal. I enjoyed four nights on the island while road tripping from Reykjavik to the Jokulsarlon, a vast glacier lagoon in southeastern Iceland. I carefully chose when to visit since the Blue Lagoon is relatively near Keflavik airport. Most people plan to go as soon as they land because of the location. This, however, influenced me to stay the last night in Iceland at the Silica Hotel on the Blue Lagoon property. My plan worked perfectly. Staying at the Silica Hotel can be kinda pricey (67,000 ISK), but it's totally worth it.  There are three different price tiers for entrance to the Blue Lagoon, and the Premium tier tickets (9990 ISK) are guaranteed for your day of choice during your unique stay. I checked in around 5 pm. The hotel staff was aware of my recent birthday, and I was so delighted to see chocolates and champagne waiting in the room for my arrival.


 Choosing which day to visit the main lagoon was simple. Our private lagoon hours were open later, and our flight was late the next afternoon. For these two reasons, concierge recommended I go the following day before leaving for the airport. This allowed time for a nice dinner at Lava Restaurant. The concierge happily arranged our dinner reservation. Lava is proud to have an amazing team of chefs and offers a tasting menu with 4 courses to showcase their talents. Each course was paired perfectly with wine to complement the dish. This was absolutely hands down one of the best meals I had on my trip.

3. Rejuvenation 

Reason number three the Blue Lagoon should be the last place you see in Iceland is relaxation & rejuvenation. I don't know about you, but I tend to push myself to the limits when it comes to exploring new countries. Leaving the best for last is something I like to do, especially when it's a world-renowned spa!  After 3 countries, 4 cities, and a 4-day road trip around southern Iceland, I cannot think of a better way to spend my last experience in this amazing country. 

After the amazing meal at Lava, I took a dip in Silica Hotel's private lagoon. The vibe was quiet, romantic, and relaxing, all the things needed to unwind from two weeks of adventure. 

Night dip at the Silica Hotel

When I awoke from a relaxing nights sleep, I felt rejuvenated, and my skin felt amazing!! I started the day with a delicious assortment of breakfast items prepared for the hotel guests. The main lagoon was just a short walk from the Silica Hotel.  I excitedly loaded my bags in the rental car around 10:30 am and wandered down the gravel path between the icy blue waters.

Pathway between the Blue Lagoon and Silica Hotel

I received my wristband, showered, and proceeded to make my way to the lagoon pretty quickly. Surprisingly, the main lagoon was not too busy early in the morning. After spending time the night before in these magical waters, I was ready to relax the muscles and explore. There are monitors when you first walk out of the locker rooms which tell you the temperature of the water throughout the lagoon. This information made the water much more inviting as the cold brisk air hit my face. I removed my complimentary bathrobe then I didn't last 20 seconds before taking my first dip. I could feel the silica between my toes, and smell a delicate scent of sulfur in the air. My bags were packed, my body was pampered, and I was leaving with memories to last a lifetime. I was ready for the 9 hr flight home. 

Additional tips to Note:

  1. Bring a waterproof cell phone case, or you can purchase these there.
  2. Bring your best conditioner the water will dry your hair out.
  3. You're required to shower before entering the lagoons. 
  4. You're only allowed 3 drinks while in the lagoon. This is monitored by your wristbands as well as all your purchases.
  5. The lowest tier ticket does not include a bathrobe or flipflops. 
  6. Be prepared for locker room chaos, give yourself enough time if you are showering to leave for the airport.
  7. You can bring your luggage. 

Last but not least, Have FUN! RELAX! & UNWIND! you are after all swimming in one of the 25 Wonders of the World! 

-Threaded Nomad

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